mushroom 1On Tuesday, December 2 Chef Budd along with his management team from PCOM, Judy Gammons and Steve Baumann , visited the experimental mushroom Farm that his housed in the basement of Common Market on Erie Avenue in North Philly. We were joined by the wellness coordinator from PCOM Laura Teran and another farm to table advocate, who runs the food services at Leap Academy Jessica Borkosky.

We were treated to an inside tour of one of the most exciting growing operations in our city. Owners Tyler and Dan have created a space in the basement of a warehouse where they are growing exotic mushrooms to be sold to restaurants and schools in the area. Some of the varieties they were growing are: pom-pom mushrooms which reportedly taste like crab when cooked properly, Royal Trumpet Mushrooms, Shiitake, and others. They grow the mushrooms in a mixture of wood chips and sawdust.

Tyler and Dan will soon be making an appearance at PCOM cafĂ© to do a tasting and educational program on their product. Common Market, Philadelphia’s local Farm to table food hub provides them with the space. This kind of partnership is typical of the farm to table movement in Philadelphia.

Congratulations on your first harvests Tyler and Dan


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