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We bake each batch of Authentic Cracker Bark with just the most nutritious whole grain flour, water, yeast and sea salt. We source all of our flours from Castle Valley Mill in Bucks County, where they use antique burr stones and traditional techniques to create a “superfood” packed with fiber, protein and other essential nutrients. The grains are grown on family farms in Pennsylvania. Nothing is removed from the wheat kernel when it is milled resulting in a more nutrient dense product, as compared to commercially produced whole grain flours.

Cracker Bark is so versatile it can pair with any other foods

Cracker Bark is BAKED WITH LOVE

          Cracker Bark fits perfectly with current health/lifestyle trends

 It’s plant based, simple ingredients, and good for you

Cracker Bark is REAL FOOD

When You and Your Loved Ones Experience Authentic Cracker Bark

YOU WILL Recognize and Appreciate its Perfect Simplicity




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